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Mould making and prototyping according to the current state of the art. Our qualified employees create every production mould according to your specifications. We only use the tested fiberglass composites for the manufacturing of a negative production moulds. FRP production forms are wear-resistant and have an output of more than 500 finished parts.

In cooperation with our longtime partner, we mill large-format models made of MDF, Ureol, hard foam and Styrofoam. Range of our CNC milling machine is more than 5,000 x 3,000 x 1,200mm. Especially MDF models are ideal and cost-effective for the moulding of the negative fiberglass production tools. MDF models are stable and reusable.

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You have a fiberglass hood, which is older and/or damaged.
You cannot find a new hood or it exceeds your budget.

We repair and improve your damaged fiberglass bonnet and make it look like new!