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AutomotiveFiberglass hoods and bonnets

FRP bonnet HAMM

Soil Compaction | Large-format engine bonnets for construction machines made by hand-lamination. GRP engine hood consists of two fiberglass parts and an ABS thermoformed ventilation grille.

Fiberglass engine hoods

Compactors & Trench Roller | Engine hoods for these construction machines consist of several individual fiberglass parts, which in turn are glued together and laminated. Mounting volume is about 70% of the total cost.

GRP bonnet

Pneumatic conveyors | Two-shell GRP bonnet with integrated sound insulation. Thanks to its double-shell construction, the entire fiberglass construction becomes much more dimensionally stable and

Fiberglass hood JCB

Soil compaction machine | JCB engine hoods are manufactured in a double-shell, highly polished production mould by hand-lamination. Surface is executed in a finish-visible gelcoat and requires no further treatments.

FRP housing

Currently the largest fiberglass housing built by GF Kompozyty. Complex GRP fiberglass housing of generator unit perfectly suitable for mobile trailers. FRP hood is over 3m long and 1.5m wide.

GRP cladding

Fixed-Chamber Balers | Over 16m² large GRP cover for agricultural machinery are produced by hand laminate and fiber spraying. GRP hoods are made directly in a finish gelcoat and then polished to a high gloss.


The specification for this GFK box was not to exceed the maximum total weight of 38 kg. We were not allowed to change anything about the aerodynamic shape. Thanks to the optimized fiberglass lightweight construction

FRP bonnet HAMM

combination roller | These small fiberglass hoods have been manufactured in hand laminate from a multi-shell production mould. Although the FRP hood was laminated directly in the finish gelcoat

Car body partsFRP & Carbon spoilers, bumpers

FRP roof spoiler

Machinery cabins | Fiberglass roof spoiler for the machines cabins of the company Matec are produced in the hand laminate. Spoilers made of fiberglass reinforced plastic

Carbon body parts

Mudguard, wheel cover | CFRP parts for electric vehicles with a carbon look. CFRP fenders and CFRP covers are manufactured in a foil vacuum process. Carbon fiber fabric gives the finished part a high-quality carbon

Fiberglass body parts

On behalf of Techart, we produce the fiberglass prototypes and series for Porsche Cayenne and other models. Bumpers are made of FRP and CFRP in the hand-laminate process.

OthersGRP and Carbon series production

FRP wind nacelle

The attractive FRP wind nacelle gives the generator an aesthetic appearance and serves as an ideal advertising medium. At the same time, the fiberglass hood protects the unit from all weather influences at a height of more than 30m.

FRP fishing boat

Our fiberglass fishing boats are lightweight, stable and produced in a finish-gelcoat. Double-shell GFK hull with integrated buoyancy in the bow and stern make our FRP boat unsinkable.

Boats of fiberglass

Boatbuilding from fiberglass to a modular system. Together with our customer, we have developed a system where the length and design of the FRP boats (stern, bow, hull) can be determined by the customer at no extra cost.

Calves Igloos

FRP Igloos are produced by fiber-spraying process. Fiberglass Igloos are weather resistant and for life. The polyester resin is dyed white during production so no topcoat is necessary.