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FRP special productionExhibition & Promotion

GRP sculptures

Grasshoppers figure | Confusingly realistic looking grasshoppers figures. The FRP figures are produced by hand laminate in small series and are 120cm long and 57cm high.

FRP body parts

Tricycle racer | Fiberglas body shell for a cabin scooter consists of several individual FRP parts that are produced directly in a finish gelcoat. Some areas are reinforced with carbon fiber mat and metal inserts.

Fiberglass bath hoods

Shower cabin | Thanks to fiberglass solutions, each shower cabin or bath can be designed to meet specific customer requirements. FRP cabin are designed and manufactured according to the available space.

Formwork forms of FRP

FRP concrete moulds | FRP facade in Hamburg, Germany. Over 20m long formwork moulds for the new cornice at an architectural object in Hamburg. GF Kompozyty has the best solutions for 3D architectural construction with fiberglass-reinforced plastic.

Stall made of fiberglass

Sales stand made of FRP | Oversized walk-in orange made of fiberglass is fixed on a trailer and used as a mobile sales stand. The FRP counter consists of several FRP parts with a reinforced laminated. The upper FRP orange half can be opened and has a side entrance door.

FRP roof hood

Organically shaped FRP roof hoods canopy are made from two individual fiberglass shells. Inner and outer shell are laminated together in a special form of assembly and reinforced with wooden frames at the same time.

Dormer windows of FRP

Canopy made of GRP | GF Kompozyty produces for SPS Fertiggauben GmbH patented wedging windows made of FRP and wooden substructure.