General Sales Conditions

  1. Scope.
    General Sales Conditions are integral part of all quotations preparing by company GF Kompozyty Sp. z o.o. All resolutions determining type of products or services ordered by the Contractor, as well as every specific sales conditions shall be given in written form every time.
  2. Quotation
    Quotations prepared by GF Kompozyty for products and services are valid for 6 weeks from the date of quotation issue, unless the quotation includes different conditions.
  3. Price
    Prices exclude taxes and duties as well as any additional costs that the Contractor must pay. Prices are EXW GF Kompozyty terms unless the quotation includes different conditions according to Incoterms 2010.
  4. Payment
    The full invoice amount shall to be paid within 30 days from the date of the invoice unless otherwise agreed in quotation or in purchase order acceptance. Payment shall be made by bank transfer into GF Kompozyty bank account given on the invoice. Day of the payment is the day of income registered on GF Kompozyty bank account. In case of overdue payments, GF Kompozyty has a right to charge the Contractor with legal penalties.

For first orders with new customers the full invoice amount shall to be paid as pre-payment in advance unless otherwise agreed in quotation.

  1. Acceptance of purchase order
    The purchase order should be issued by the Contractor in written form (by post, fax, e – mail) and should include exact name and Contractor’s address, name of product and/or service, quantity and other settlements. Together with the purchase order, all necessary technical details should be sent ( e.g. connection dimensions). The contractor is bounded with placed purchase order by period of seven (7) days from a date of receiving the purchase order. GF Kompozyty confirms receiving the purchase order within an seven (7) days from a date of its receiving or informs a Contractor when acceptation of the purchase order is impossible, indicating the reasons. As an date of beginning of realization is a date of issue of purchase order acceptance. The purchase order acceptance in written form, signed by GF Kompozyty representative is send to the Contractor by fax. GF Kompozyty doesn’t protect products correctness with additional documents (bank guarantee, insurance, bill of exchange. In case of the Contractor request of these documents, it should be determine in writing on quotation stage.
  2. Packing & Delivery
    The products are quoted on EXW terms acc. Incoterm 2010. Products are packed on pallets for road transportation. Pallets are marked acc. GF Kompozyty standards. Packing list are prepared acc. GF Kompozyty standards. All additional requirements like crates for sea / air transportation, phytosanitary treatment, IPPC certificate, special marking or documents have to be individually calculated on quotation stage. GF Kompozyty preparing products for dispatch in date confirmed in the purchase order acceptance. The Contractor is obligated to collect the products in 14 days from fixed date. In case of no collect products by the Contractor in fixed date, GF Kompozyty has right to count storage fee – 10 € per 1 m2 of package per each started week.
  3. Documentation
    For all products GF Kompozyty supplied standard documentation In paper and / or electronic version. Scope of standard documentation: Assembly, Operating& Maintenance Instruction Quality Control Certificate Language of documentation: Polish, German or English. Additional documents or other language version have to be determine in writing on quotation stage
  4. Quality Control
    GF Kompozyty introduced and successfully applied Quality Management System acc. ISO 9001:2008. Production process is continuously overseen and controled acc. to internal procedures and standards. Quality Control Certificate confirmed that products were manufactured acc. actual standards and requirements determined by the Contractor Additional material certificates, test reports, production progress reports etc. have to be determine in writing on quotation stage.
  5. Guarantee
    GF Kompozyty guarantees that supplied products are manufactured In accordance with actual rules and with the newest technological and technical requirements. GF Kompozyty guarantee doesn’t include defects or damages that are caused by stroke of fate, mechanical damages, improper operating |or maintenance (neglect of rules included in Technical Documentation), damages during repair, non – authorize modification / technical changes.
  6. Claims
    Product claim has to be declared by the Contractor in written form. GF Kompozyty is obligated to consider the claim in 14 days from date of notice. Time limit for remove a defect will be fixed with both side every time and confirmed in written form. GF Kompozyty reserves a right to charge the Contractor with documented costs of all activities in case when defect arisen due to reasons not attributable to GF Kompozyty.
  7. Force majeure
    GF Kompozyty shall not be disable for any failure to perform of its obligations due to force majeure. Force majeure means strike, act of terrorism, war, acts of the legislative or executive power, natural disasters or other events or circumstances outside the reasonable control.
  8. Final resolutions
    Invalid of any resolution of the General Sales Conditions doesn’t have an impact for the other resolution or its fragments. Every changes, supplements or additional resolutions shall be given in written form. The General Sales Conditions shall be governed by the Polish law. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising to the contractual relationship between both parties shall be settled through friendly consultations between both parties. In case of no agreement can be reached through consultation, they shall settled before the competent People’s Courts at the GF Kompozyty location.